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Give your students more!

International students attend your school for an exceptional educational experience. Now isn't it time you gave them something more?

The College Health Insurance Plan (C-HIP) is a distinctive plan designed for international students in Canada who are not covered by a government health care plan. By joining the Plan, you set your school apart from its competitors as a supportive school that looks out for its students. Here's how it works. You become a member of the Plan and students receive extensive medical coverage as well as accident and emergency medical travel insurance coverage as part of their tuition. It's that simple.

Consider this. International students have a lot to choose from when they’re applying to Canadian schools. Many schools have rich curriculums, experienced teachers and impressive campuses. But we all know that a student's life is more than the classes. They will be joining a community in Canada and their health and well-being plays a big part in their experience. If you can demonstrate that your school is there to protect their health, you will have greater success at:

When provincial government insurance coverage is not available, Mercer/Sun Life have developed a first class, Comprehensive Plan with three major components: