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Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

The Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance offers Plan members insurance in the case of an accident. If a student is injured in an accident, the Plan provides him or her with a lump-sum payment. The amount depends on the type of injury he or she sustains. If the accident results in death, the lump-sum amount is paid to the beneficiary(ies) or estate. Members of the Plan are covered 24 hours a day, no matter where in the world the accident occurs. See Plan details for additional benefits that may also be paid.

AIG hereby agrees to insure all international students of the Policyholder under age 65 for whom required premium has been paid (herein individually called the Covered), for injury sustained or sickness contracted by the Covered during the course of any trip outside his/her province of residence made by the Covered while this policy is in force for a maximum of 45 consecutive days any one trip.

Who is Covered?

Class I: All international students of participating accredited Canadian educational institutions.


Amount of Coverage

Class I: $50,000.00


Schedule of Losses

Loss of Life, Loss of Both Hands, Loss of Both Feet, Loss of Entire Sight of Both Eyes, Loss of One Hand and One Foot, Loss of One Hand and the Entire Sight of One Eye, Loss of One Foot and the Entire Sight of One Eye, Loss of Speech and Hearing, Loss of Use of Both Arms or Both Hands

The Principal Sum

Loss of One Arm, Loss of One Leg, Loss of Use of One Arm or One Leg

Three-Quarters of The Principal Sum

Loss of One Hand, Loss of One Foot, Loss of The Entire Sight of One Eye, Loss of Speech or Hearing, Loss of Use of One Hand or One Foot

Two-Thirds of The Principal Sum

Loss of Thumb and Index Finger of the Same Hand, Loss of Four Fingers of One Hand

One-Third of The Principal Sum

Loss of Hearing in One Ear

One-Sixth of The Principal Sum

Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia

Two-Times The Principal Sum

Loss of All Toes of One Foot

One-Eighth of The Principal Sum



Beneficiary Designation

In the event of Accidental Loss of Life, benefits shall be payable to the Estate of the Covered Person.

All other benefits shall be payable to the Covered Person.


Additional Benefits


If accidental death occurs more than 200 kilometres away from permanent place of residence, the Plan will reimburse actual expenses incurred up to $15,000 for the preparation and shipment of the deceased’s body to the place of residence.



If the Covered Person suffers an injury listed in the loss schedule, this plan will pay up to $15,000 to continue a course or to qualify for an occupation for which they would not have been engaged except for such injuries.


Family Transportation

When injuries covered result in confinement to a hospital, outside 200 kilometres from permanent city of residence, AIG shall pay the expenses incurred by an immediate family member for transportation to the accommodation in the vicinity of the hospital, and transportation to and from the hospital not exceeding $15,000.


Tutorial Expense

In the event an Covered Person is totally confined to his or her residence or hospital due to a covered injury, the Company will pay the actual expense incurred within 52 weeks from the date of the accident for the tutorial services of a teacher, other than a relative of the Covered Person living in the same residence, then holding a current and valid Provincial Department of Education Teaching Certificate for the grade attained by the Covered Person provided:

  1. such confinement occurs within 30 days of the date of the accident, and
  2. such confinement is continuous for a minimum period in excess of 30 consecutive school days, and
  3. such payment shall not exceed a rate of $20.00 per hour nor an aggregate total payment of $500.00 as the result of any one accident.


Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification

If an Covered Person receives a payment under the Table of Losses herein and requires a wheelchair, then this benefit will pay a maximum of $15,000 for the cost of alterations to the injured person’s residence to make it wheelchair accessible and habitable; and the cost of modifications necessary to a motor vehicle, owned by the injured person, to make the vehicle accessible or driveable for the Covered Person.


Dental Expense

When injury to whole or sound teeth shall require treatment, replacement or x-rays, AIG will pay the expense actually incurred for such treatment or services, but not to exceed $1,000 as the result of any one accident.


Funeral Expense

AIG will pay the actual expenses incurred for preparing the deceased following an accidental death for burial and funeral expenses, subject to a maximum of $6,500.


Travel Expense Reimbursement For Parent(s)

AIG shall pay the actual expenses incurred by the Parent(s) of the Covered Person for transportation, board, lodging and extra travel expenses incurred while en route and/or during the stay in the city or town where the body of Covered Person is located following an accidental death, subject to a maximum payment of $10,000.



The Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan does not cover any loss resulting from:


This description is a summary of the principal features of the Plan which is covered by the terms of the insurance contract with AIG.