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The information provided on this website is in summary form only. If there are any discrepancies between such information and the terms of the International Student Medical Plan (the "Plan"), the terms of the Plan will prevail. While Mercer Health & Benefits [a division of Mercer (Canada) Ltd.] ("Mercer") has made its best efforts to include on this website accurate and complete information regarding the Plan, Mercer cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information and again, the Plan terms will prevail. The information provided is for illustration purposes and is not intended to create any contractual rights or provide specific individual advice.

Mercer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the Plan or this website from time to time.

Links to other websites and to services or products offered by parties other than Mercer appear on this website for your convenience. As Mercer has no control over the websites or content maintained by other organizations, Mercer does not assume any liability for your use of them.

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