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Emergency Out of Province/Country Medical Insurance and Assistance
(AIG Insurance Company of Canada - Policy No. SRG 9025217A)

In the event of an Out of Province or Out of Canada Medical Emergency claim, you have access to telephone assistance 24-hours a day by calling AIG Travel Assist at 1-877-204-2017 (Toll Free) or collect call 1-715-295-9967 (International calls).

Please be sure to make reference to the International Student Medical Plan, the College or learning institution that you attend in Canada, along with AIG' Policy Number SRG 9025217A when you call.

The operator will direct you to a facility in your area of travel and ensure that the medical attention you receive is covered.

Please make sure that, if you pay expenses yourself, you obtain original receipts and forward them to AIG Insurance Company of Canada along with the completed claim form. Claim forms are available from AIG Insurance Company of Canada or Travel Assist.

AIG will also co-ordinate the submission of your claims with Sun Life Financial on your behalf.

For more information, see your International Student Advisor.